Interior Paints : Easywash with Teflon

Nippon Paint EasyWash With Teflon ™
Product Features
  • Teflon™ Technology
  • Outstanding washability
  • Elegant soft sheen finish
  • Long-lasting colours
  • Covers hairline cracks
  • Excellent coverage
  • Resistant to stain
  • Resistant to blistering & peeling
  • Alkali resistant
  • Anti-fungus/mould
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to apply
  • Water-based paint
  • No Lead or Mercury added
Nippon Paint <br />EasyWash With Teflon ™ Icons
Keep your walls clean with Nippon Paint Easy Wash, now with Teflon ™ surface protector technology. This premium washable interior wall paint allows you to wash off dirt and stains easily, more effectively than ever.

Available in a wide range of decorative and unique colours, Easy Wash with Teflon™ allows you to freely express yourself. What's more, it's easy to apply and low on odour.
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