Marble Polishing Services

Having problems of your marble/granite flooring losing its shine over the years? Munda Contract Services has the perfect professional Marble Polishing solutions to restore your marble/granite flooring to almost new condition!

Saving the hassle of time and the expensive cost to replace the flooring, Munda can provide professional marble polishing services! Within a day’s work, we are able to repolish your marble/granite flooring to give it a new shine look, making it look as good as new.

More information on Marble Polishing Services:

  1. From $1.50 per sqft (depending on condition)
  2. Choice of wet or dry polishing
  3. If the marble flooring is exposed to sunlight every day, there is a high possibility that it will lost its shine permanently  (may have to be replaced)
  4. Grinding is required to smoothen old marble flooring
  5. Note: Will depend on the area

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